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Sea Hawk Divers

Bonnie & Ariel

The origin story of Sea Hawk Divers starts somewhere in the 80's when young Bonnie from Western Canada decided to grab her bicycle and venture south with some friends. A couple thousand kilometers later, some months had passed and Bonnie arrived to the untouched paradise island of Isla Mujeres where she met the man that would change her life, Ariel. She married Ariel, they started a family in Isla Mujeres and in 1985 they started renting snorkel masks on the beach. Sea Hawk Divers is one of the very first dive shops that opened on Isla Mujeres. 


Ariel is a PADI assistant instructor with over 30 years of experience in the diving business and has been making people fall in love with the island and diving with his unique charisma. Bonnie has been taking care of the administrative part of the business and has been the face of the business running everything in the shop and keeping Ariel from having too many siestas at work.  


In 2017 Bonnie and Ariel's daughter Leira and her husband Manu started managing the dive shop and taking care of the day to day operations. 


Their expertise, combined with the fine white sand, framed by warm, clear, turquoise water provides the perfect combination for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Whale Shark Tours and Catching the Big One!

Bonnie & Ariel Sea Hawk Divers Isla Mujeres

About Sea Hawk Divers
Isla Mujeres

Our Sea Hawk Team:


Local Islander

Leira was practically born and raised in the dive shop and knows every aspect of the family-run business. She is the brain of the operation and the face of the business. From answering the emails to receiving you in the office you will surely have the pleasure of meeting her!


Fun Fact: Leira can dance with a bottle or glass on her head!

Leira - Sea Hawk Divers Isla Mujeres
Manu - Sea Hawk Divers Isla Mujeres


Certified Tour Guide
SDI Instructor & PADI Divemaster​

Manu arrived at Sea Hawk Divers in 2016 and has been part of the family ever since. He manages the dive shop with Leira and is our main dive Instructor. Growing up in Canada and living in Mexico has made him fluent in French, English and Spanish. If you don't see Manu alongside Leira in the office you will find him on the boats leading dive, snorkel, fishing and whale shark trips.


Fun Fact: Manu can do the dolphin noise!

Oskar (Master OZ)

Certified Tour Guide
Local Islander

Oskar or "Master Oz" is a local islander and has been part of the Sea Hawk Divers family since 2016. Growing up on Isla has made him very knowledgeable about the island in and out of the water. He is the octopus whisperer and can't stay away from the sea for long. Come on one of our tours to meet the charismatic Master Oz!


Fun Fact: Oskar finds treasure on EVERY dive!

Oskar - Master Oz, Sea Hawk Divers Isla Mujeres


​Certified Tour Guide
PADI Instructor
Coral reef preservation advocate
Local Islander

Kai is like an open book for the ocean and the living creatures in it. She is so passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her job. 
Her energy is unmatched and contagious. 

She's one of our main PADI Instructors.

Born and raised on Isla Mujeres, she's been a big part of protecting the sea creatures and educating our community about the importance of taking care of what we have. Don't miss a chance to go on a dive with Kai you will surely come back with more knowledge than when you left!


Fun Fact: Kai is an incredible animal trainer and has extensive experience with many animals ranging from dogs to dolphins!


Certified Tour Guide
SDI Divemaster

Logan is the newest addition to the Sea Hawk family, after working on his diving courses for more than six months with us and finishing his divemaster course he decided to move permanently to Isla Mujeres and be part of the Sea Hawk team! Logan continuously strives to learn new things and always wants to further hie education.

Fun fact: Logan is a skydiver and BASE jumper with more than 3000 jumps!

Isla Mujeres Spearfishing


Experienced Fisherman
Local Islander

Aldo is the definition of The Old Man and the Sea and if anyone has had the pleasure to go on a tour with him they know Aldo is a man of few words but he has probably spent more time out at sea than on land in his lifetime and his experience of the ocean is unmatched. In his lifetime he has done every possible job there is both on and in the ocean and is now our main full time captain.


Fun Fact: Ask him.

Raul "Chubby"

Certified Tour Guide
Certified Whale Shark Guide 
Local Artist

Chubby is the adopted son of the Sea Hawk family and has been working seasonally with us for many years now. He is an experienced whale shark guide, freediver and spearfisherman whose enthusiasm and love for the ocean will leave you wanting for more adventures!


Fun Fact: When Chubby is not in the water he is an amazing full time artist! Don't miss out on the shirts and stickers he designs available in our shop or directly through his instagram @chubbs_sketchbook



​Sales Rep/Office Girl
Local Islander

Thelmi has been part of the Sea Hawk Family for longer than Sea Hawk has been around. She started working with Ariel and Bonnie when she was 15 years old in their ice-cream shop. When Sea Hawk opened, Thelmi followed and has been part of the family ever since! You'll see Thelmi in the shop alongside Leira or Manu.


Fun Fact: All her daughters grew up in the shop and Ceci her youngest is our cleaning girl.

Salvador "Chava"

Night Watchman
Professional Hugger

Salvador or "Don Chava", like everyone calls him, has been part of the Sea Hawk Family for over 15 years. If you have not met him yet he is like the grandpa you've never had, always ready to help, he sleeps with one eye open and makes sure everything is good throughout the night at Sea Hawk Divers. He always has time for a story and space for a snack!

Fun fact: Chava loves hugs!

Chava the night guy at Sea Hawk Divers

Team Memories

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